Planning your event

If you have specific requirements for your event please tell us, you’ll find us wanting to make it the best it can be for you and your guests.


Our most common questions from clients….

What sets you apart from other bands?

The quality of the vocals and the production, along with the confidence we have as musicians to add value to your event to ensure it’s the best it can be, including DJ’ing in-between performances. The technology and PA we use is top spec, and your guests will hear an amazing sound to complement our live performances and DJ sets.

This premium style of production for our live sets has helped us to achieve 5 star reviews across the board, and our client feedback is the most important thing to us.

Another key area is our live performance, you’ll find us playing music that’s contemporary. One of the key reasons our band is popular, is that we don’t play all the old three chord songs that function bands play such as ‘I’m a Believer’, ‘Play that Funky Music’ and ‘Mustang Sally’. We use the same technology and production techniques as the latest artists and their production teams. You can be confident that your guests will find us relevant for an 18th party, weddings or corporate events playing the best in pop, dance, soul and disco.

Our contemporary sound will fully entertain your guests and with a full dance-floor! With our DJ service, we can ensure that this theme runs throughout too.

What time do you arrive and leave?

Our standard arrival time is 2 hours before your guests arrive, we're then all yours until the end of the evening. We will agree and triple check timings with you (and your event planner) prior to the event, so we can arrive with plenty of time and be in the right location for our performances.

How much do you cost?

Because of the vast range of circumstances we have to take in to account (travel, dates, size of venue, PA requirements, lighting etc) we do not have a fixed price. Please use the contact page to request a quotation via email and we provide this instantly for you. 

Do you play outside?

Yes and we have purchased a specific state-of-the-art battery powered PA system (10hrs) for events of up to 150 people, perfect for outside requirements. This type of PA is brilliant for garden ceremonies, acoustic sets and background music.

Using a second PA like this enables us to ensure your event is perfectly managed, as everything is set-up from the outset when we’re performing in multiple locations. So if you’re planning on booking us for your wedding reception too, our main rig and lighting will be set-up separately for your main event and ready to go ensuring a smooth transition from ceremony to reception etc! There’s a video about it below:

It is always advised though to have a plan B for your event, just in case the weather is going to change, to protect our equipment and instruments, in addition to ensuring everyone’s health and safety. It is also key to ensure that we are on a flat surface (grass not ideal) so we’re not sinking or keyboards/piano/mics aren’t toppling over!

Do you play pubs?

No and they’re not our focus as we provide corporate entertainment and wedding entertainment only.

Our repertoire is created for acoustic sets and the majority of our work is party sets, we particularly love playing to a full dance-floor as the atmosphere is electric and the music is fun to play. The type of music we would play for a full dance-floor to enjoy, isn’t created for the traditional boozer.

How many are in the band?

There are two of us in the band and our production sounds huge! In addition to performing acoustic for weddings, we are a party band and use backing tracks to allow us to create a bigger sound in the same way that professional chart bands do! As nearly all pop music now is electronic, you’ll find us sounding very close to the record and therefore a more varied sound than a traditional 5 piece band. We DJ too, and we know this is saving hundreds of pounds for our clients.

How long does it take you to get your equipment set-up?

It takes approximately 1hr 30 mins to set-up. That's from the time we get access to the venue to the time we've finished sound check and are ready to start the DJ playlist. 

Do we have to provide sound or lighting equipment?

No. We are completely self-contained and we wouldn’t use any venues equipment due to our connections will likely to be different, we’ve never sound checked with it and the learning curve would just add risk to your event. Using our own equipment is essential to ensure the event is perfect and that our performance is the best it can be.

Your venue won’t need to provide anything other than an electrical supply for us to plug our equipment into and some small storage space. We carry a leading PA system and a range of LED lighting so that the stage and dance-floor area is well lit and looks great! 

Do you play venues that have noise limiters?

Yes. We play many venues that have these installed, with the the right sound-check and care, we will provide a fantastic evening. It’s normally rock drummers that trigger these, leaving an embarrassing power-cut at the venue!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept BACS and charge a 50% deposit and 50% 7 days before the event.

Do you have insurance?

We certainly do! We have Public Liability Insurance and our equipment is PAT tested also. We will provide these documents for your event planner at anytime, and when you’ve booked us!

Do you learn requests?

Yes we do for ‘first dance’ songs for weddings and for ceremonies (walking down the aisle, signing of the register and the recession where all the guests depart). All we ask is you give us 8 weeks notice, our clients love the fact we record the songs for them too. This is a nice memory following your special event!

Can we contribute songs to your playlists?

You are welcome to provide songs for our DJ set-list, we encourage it so the event is tailored to your requirement.

Do we get a written contract?

Absolutely. Our performance agreement is an important document that makes sure that both you and us are really clear about what's happening on the day are what our expectations of each other are. We also update if your event plans are adapted following your initial requirements, as we get closer to your event.